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Lighting Projects

Governor Martin Wambora’s plans to transform Embu into a 24 hour economy has been realised after the county government installed floodlights in 39 townships spread in the region.
Embu was among the eight counties which were honoured with Governor’s Awards of Excellence in various sectors of development in 2015.

An interesting phenomenon lights up whenever there is a power blackout in Embu town and its environs in the evening thanks to devolution.
Unlike the nights of yesteryears when the town would be engulfed in darkness, the case is today different due to installation of solar powered streetlights that provide the much needed light in the midst of the blackout.
Erected on beautifully painted white metal poles and with solar panels at the top after the bulb, the hundreds of lights run along major streets and extend a distance of three kilometres from the town towards Runyenjes, Kirinyaga and Kiritiri.
The streetlights and floodlights were erected by the County Government at a cost of Ksh. 40 million.
Apart from their convenience to late night traders and the workers heading home in the evening, the streetlights have helped lower the county’s power bill.
The county pays a bill of Ksh. 1.5 million every month to Kenya Power and the amount would be higher if the streetlights were powered by the national grid.
Governor Wambora terms the project as “green energy technology” and says it will save the environment