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To this end, the County made a conscious decision to allocate about one third of the entire county budget to health services year on year. As a result, we have been able to achieve the following; Serviceable ambulances in all four sub-counties to attend to emergencies for the sick and accidents Operationalized health centers and dispensaries through provision of medicine, equipment and medical personnel in Health facilities. Building an additional 35 health facilities at a cost of over Kshs 100 million Constructed minor theatres in all our six level four hospitals located Health

In Kairuri, Kianjokoma, Runyenjes, Ishiara, Siakago, Kiritiri. The County government has transformed Embu Level 5 Hospital   through the following;

  1. Overhauled Labor, female, male and two (2) amenities wards completely to compete hospitals like Nairobi Hospital and Aga Khan Hospital
  2. Completed two (2) state of the art laboratories (HISTOPATHOLOGY and BIOCHEMESTRY)
  3. Installed a state of the art RENAL UNIT fitted with 10 dialysis machines and a purified water plant
  4. Installed a state of the art CT- Scan Unit which has saved the county a huge chunk of funds previously used to transport patients to Kenyatta National Hospital
  5. Invested in an Oxygen Plant which supplies critical oxygen to the sick in all county health facilities
  6. Installed an additional 80 hospital beds
  7. Completed a state of the art facility that hosts four (4) new theatres, State of the Art ICU, a High Dependency Unit with six beds ( 6), Five classrooms for university medical students, and a state of the art molecular laboratory.