An efficient and high quality health care system that is accessible, equitable and affordable for every Kenyan.

To promote and participate in the provision of integrated and high quality preventive, curative and rehabilitative health care services to all Kenyans.


The main aim of the Health sector is to create an enabling environment for the provision of sustainable quality health care that is affordable and accessible to the residents.
The sector comprises of the following sub-sectors:

  • Medical Services
  • Public Health and Sanitation
  • Research and Development


Sector/Departmental Priorities

  1. Improving equitable access to public health and sanitation services
  2. Improving the quality and responsiveness of public health and sanitation services
  3. Improving efficiency of public health and sanitation services
  4. Improving financing of public health and sanitation services

Department Brief and Highlights

To improve the overall livelihoods of the people of Embu County, the county aims to provide an efficient and high-quality health care system with the best standards. This will reduce equalities in access to health care and improve key areas where The County is lagging, especially in lowering infant and maternal mortality. Specific strategies have involved provision of a robust health infrastructure network and improving the quality of health service delivery to the highest standards and promotion of partnerships with the private sector.

The county has made significant investments to upgrade, expand and renovate existing facilities to provide comprehensive health care. The increased number of projects constructed will ensure that the county has a healthy and productive population for wealth creation. Continued modernization of health facilities has enabled the people of Embu County to access more services. These facilities will need to be fully equipped and supplied with drugs to ensure that they are fully operational. The completion of the BADEA project will also form a major flagship project for the level 5 hospital. Further, the level 5 hospital is expected to transit to being a referral and teaching hospital. The priority for the health docket is completion of all ongoing projects that include health facilities, maternities, wards and staff houses.


The provision of universal and affordable healthcare for all citizens is not a privilege but a human right as enshrined in the constitution. Embu County Government has prioritised health to ensure the people can easily and quickly access the much needed medical attention. This is evident through the various projects that the county has initiated to promote the health sector and to ensure quality services as follows:

The County Government has initiated major projects at Embu Level Five Hospital to position it as a modern medical facility with state-of-the-art equipment to make it a teaching and referral centre.

A three-storied super structured hospital complex has been put up and is set for completion in a few months. Once complete, the building will have 12 bed capacity intensive care unit section, 12 bed high dependency unit, two classrooms, four theatres and doctors’ offices.

Construction of renal dialysis unit fully installed with ten dialysis machines is another important milestone that has been achieved.
Another critical facility has been the construction of X-ray unit which is fitted with a top-of-the- range CT-Scan machine. The County Government has also procured an MRI machine which is fully fitted.

“Doctors and medical personnel to man all the equipment and machinery in the hospital are undertaking training and will soon offer the services that patients accessed only in Kenyatta National Hospital,” says Wambora.

The County has further completed two state-of-the-art laboratories including Histopathology and Biochemistry laboratories and completed renovation of labour ward, female surgical ward, male surgical ward and two amenities wards.

The county is also refurbishing six level four hospitals namely: Siakago, Runyenjes, Kiritiri, Kianjokoma, Ishiara, Kairuri.
“We are equipping them with modern equipment and putting in place theatres so that we can decongest Embu Level Five Hospital,” Governor Wambora explains.

The operationalized dispensaries include Ngiori, Karurah, Kamweli, Kiogogo, Ciakanthukuri, Kanyangi, Kithunguthia, Nduuri, Malikini, Karurina and Kiriari.

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