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The people of Embu have great expectations about what this first County Government will do for them. It is a new beginning and one that not only offers us an opportunity to dream together but to chart a new course to transform Embu into one of the most admired Counties in Kenya. Read more..
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  • Food shortage is a no issue in Embu County.

    Embu county governance has devised a master strategy to cap food shortage which has been a tragedy in the past decades. This involved plans like, educating farmers, issuing of the high quality planting seeds and offering after harvest services like quality storage for the produce. These plans are already initiated and being in their final stages this development plans are realistic. Since devolution in the year 2013 the county has made major moves to deal with the issue of food shortage which previously was mentioned as Kenya’s main challenge which may make vision 2030 just a mare common dream. Construction of green storage is a move to ensure that farmers are protected from being exploited from ruthless middlemen, who buy the grains from farmers at a cheap price during the harvest season, keep them and sell it at quit high prices after some time.

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  • Embu County government to commercialize Embu Airstrip.

    As part of the initiative by the Embu County Government to elevate the state of infrastructure in Embu County, a master plan is underway to elevate the Embu Airstrip at Don Bosco into a modern day airport in line with the county vision 2030 urbanization plan which will see Embu Town achieve a city status by the year 2030

    The Embu Airstrip is a small civilian airstrip situated approximately 10 minutes South East of Embu’s central business district in the outskirts of the town in Don Bosco along the Embu-Kiritiri Highway. The airstrip is yet to achieve a commercial status as it only has a single asphalt runway that measures 0.99 km in length. The airstrip only serves light aircrafts due its limited runway space as well as facilities.

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  • Muthangari Dam to benefit the large Mutuobare.

    Muthangari dam, a development project by Governor Martin Nyaga Wambora in Embu County has been welcomed with an enthusiasm by the residents. The dam which now complete is aimed at benefiting the larger Mutuobare location capping the challenge of water scarcity.

    The dam is located strategically to ensure that a larger population of Mutuobare people are benefited. This after burgeoned complain of the plight of the Mbeere people on the risk they are getting exposed to in their effort to find water for domestic use. As one of the resident explained a mother of three said that the risk that they are taking is as much as the death risk. Read more ...  

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