The major role of the department of Youth Empowerment and Sports has been to

equip youths with relevant skills, knowledge and right attitudes for the labour market and provision of an enabling environment for sports development.

With a vision of ‘sustainable and equitable socio-cultural and economic empowerment of all youth in the county’ and a mission of “to formulate, mainstream and implement responsive policies through coordinated strategies for sustained and balanced socio-cultural and economic development of the County and empowerment of vulnerable and marginalized groups and areas’ the department has played a lead role in implementing of youth projects and improvement of sports countywide.


Department Brief and Highlights

The department’s goal is to empower youth through skills development, talent harnessing and developing and maintaining sporting facilities. The sector deliverables in the MTEF period include: Training of youth on entrepreneurial skills, construction of youth empowerment Centre and refurbishment of sports facilities. During the period under review, the department has worked closely with other departments and sectors to ensure that youth issues are adequately addressed. As it has been all through, the department will continue to promote initiatives by the youths that promote good behavior and ensure the youth are engaged constructively.


Departmental Priorities

  1. To equip youth with relevant skills, knowledge and right attitudes for the labour market and be productive citizens.
  2. To provide an enabling environment for sports development