The department of Trade, Tourism, Investment and Industrialization aims to make Embu County the destination of choice for trade, tourism and investors as well as a Leading industrial hub in Kenya by 2022.

Department Brief and Highlights

It aims to embrace policies and programmes that optimize the economic, environmental and socio-cultural benefits of trade and tourism thus contributing to sustainable growth and development of the county. The County has contributed towards the achievement of the vision and mission by provision of credit facilities to small-scale traders, providing training on entrepreneur and management skills to the already existing and potential traders.


To spur economic growth and propel the county to higher levels of development, the county government has promoted investment opportunities and trade. Market sheds and Boda Boda sheds have been constructed at various markets to spur small business and encourage youth to venture into business. Fresh produce markets have also been improved in different markets to enable farmers have a market for their produce. Market toilets and water connection in markets has also been established.

The county government also aims at establishing proper marketing strategies aimed at opening up of key tourist destinations. In regard to this the county has undertaken tourism infrastructure development in some key areas like the Mwea Game Reserve, Mt Kenya Eastern route and Nthenge Njeru Falls.


Departmental Priorities

The departmental priorities are:

  1. Increase volume of intra and extra county trade
  2. To stimulate industrial technological activities to create employment and eradicate poverty
  3. To increase the number of tourist arrivals and earnings from tourism.

Departmental key achievements

  • Training of entrepreneurship and business development
  • Weighing & Measuring Equipment calibrated
  • Increased number of domestic and foreign investors
  • Value addition Processing unit established
  • Increased number of tourists’ arrivals and earnings from tourism
  • To increase the number of bed nights occupancy and tourism revenues