A Champion of Excellence in County Public Service Management.


To provide transformative leadership to the County public service for efficient and effective service delivery.

Core Values

            i.               Integrity

          ii.               Customer focus

         iii.               Professionalism

        iv.               Team work

          v.               Equity

        vi.               Meritocracy

Value Statement

At your Service

CDSPA is composed of the following service units:

1.            Human Resource Management  Unit

2.          Enforcement Unit

3.          Administration Unit

4.          Transport Unit

5.          Public communication Unit

6.          Information Technology Unit


For the CDPSA to realize her mandate, the following are the specific functions;

i.               Provision of effective Human Resource Management services;

ii.               To establish decentralized public administration mechanisms that are accountable and responsive to people’s needs;

iii.               Develop policies that encourage public participation in policy making;

iv.               Provision of law enforcement services;

v.               Provision of solid waste management services;

vi.               Provision of Public Communication

vii.               Provision of Public Communication

viii.               Information Technology services;

ix.               Enhance efficient and effective utilization of public resources;

x.               Prudent management of official records.


The County Department of Public Service and Administration (CDPSA) draws its mandate from Part VI, VIII, IX, X and XII of County Government Act 2012 which articulates its functions. The CDPSA monitors, evaluates and undertakes public administration practices as far as recruitment, transfers, promotions and dismissals are concerned. The Department is headed by a Member of the CEC who is accountable to the County Governor for the performance of the functions and exercise of his or her powers. The activities and performance of CDPSA are communicated to the county assembly through County Executive Committee which provides full and regular reports on matters relating to the county to the County Assembly.


The CDSPA is composed of the following service units

Human Resource Management Unit

  1. Establishment of the section and section’s organization Structure
  2. Recruitment and staffing
  3. Improved payroll administration
  4. Staff audit ;
  5. Sound management of labour relations which led to reduced labour unrests;
  6. Set up Human Resource Advisory Committee.

Public Communication unit

  • Provide avenues for the access to government information
  • Publish and publicise any important information affecting the nation.
  • Integration of communication in all County development activities;
  • Observation of access to information by county media in accordance with Article 35 of the Constitution;
  • Adherence to the observation of media ethics, standards and professionalism.
  • Create awareness on devolution and governance;
  • Promote citizens understanding for purposes of peace and national cohesion
  • Undertake advocacy on core development issues such as agriculture, education, health, security, economics, sustainable environment among others;
  • Promotion of the freedom of the media in the County;
  • Establish mechanisms to facilitate public communication and access to information in the form of media with the widest public outreach in the county,
  • Facilitate other means of mass communication including traditional media.
  • Provision citizens on request to information held by any county government or any unit or department thereof or any other State organ in accordance with Article 35 of the Constitution.