International Day for Poverty Eradication.

The poverty line is a threshold below which people are deemed poor. Statistics summarizing the bottom
of the consumption distribution (i.e. those that fall below the poverty line) are therefore provided. In
2005/06, the poverty line was estimated at Ksh1,562 and Ksh2,913 per adult equivalent per month for rural and urban households respectively. Nationally, 45.2 percent of the population lives below the poverty line (2009 estimates) down from 46 percent in 2005/06.

Embu County has a transitional population structure due to shrinking population, where 0-14 year olds constitute
38% and an increasingly youthful population, where 15-34 year olds constitute 34% of the total population. This is
due to declining fertility rates among women as shown by the percentage household size of 0-3 members at 46%.

Venue: Moi Stadium, Embu County

Time: 0900-1400hrs