Governors Impromptu Visit Runyenjes level 4

Accompanied by her Deputy Governor, CECM, Chief officer Health and other officials in the health docket, Her Excellency Cecily Mutitu Mbarire made impromptu visits to Runyenjes, Ishiara, and Siakago Level 4 Hospitals to assess on their status, service delivery, challenges, and possible solutions to challenges faced by the facilities.

Her Excellency said that there is a need for tremendous reforms in the health sector, especially on the management of equipment which will reduce the severity of breakdowns. She said that her government will put in substantial investment in inventory management systems that will ensure proper maintenance of required levels of drugs and avoid stock outs and seal loopholes of drug thefts.

Governor Mbarire promised an increase of qualified human resources to reduce the patient turnaround time, enhance quick and quality service delivery. She said that her government will seek alternative sources of water and power to mitigate the challenge posed by both the inadequacy and high cost of the two among other issues.

“My administration is keen to resolve the health predicament facing our County and looking to work closely with elected leaders to expedite our short, mid, and long-term solutions.” She said.