Its mandate is to promoting gender equality and women empowerment, promote and coordinate volunteerism and volunteer services and assigned the responsibility of improving the efficiency and effective integration of gender dimensions in future policy formulation, planning and implementation. It is therefore responsible for providing a technical base for gender mainstreaming through the national sectorial approach and implementation of recommendations of international conventions.


“Establish strong foundations for men, women, children and persons with special needs to enrich the cultural heritage of Embu County”.


“To express and uphold Embu Cultural Heritage through the development of gender (man and woman) children and vulnerable groups, by resource management, capacity building and community development activities with the community and stakeholders.

Department Brief and Highlights

The Sectors Goal is to promote socio-economic development in communities with emphasis on the disadvantaged members of society, protect and safeguard the rights and welfare of children.

The social services department continue to promote equal participation of both men and women in development issues through capacity development.

The children department through the cash transfer Programme will address some of the main issues that face the OVCs in the society by targeting the most vulnerable in the society. This department ensure that all children of school going age are able to access education and other rights provided to them through the law.

Departmental Priorities

The departmental priorities are:

  1. To empower and provide welfare services to the vulnerable members of the society
  2. To safeguard the rights and welfare of all children in Embu County
  3. To Preserve and promote positive culture among the Embu community

Departmental Key Achievements

  • Four social halls Constructed / renovated
  • Increased advocacy on child rights
  • Trained community