It is an inescapable fact that young people constitute the most socially active and energetic segment of the population in this country. Young people are endowed with energy, creativity and dynamism; and they are our society’s most productive human resource with the greatest potential to contribute positively to County development.  But while acknowledging youth as the season of hope and the promise of great things to come, we need also to remember, as experience has shown, that there can be no greater tragedy than a wasted youth.


It is for this reason, H.E. the Governor, Hon. Martin Nyaga Wambora established a trust fund for the youth of Embu County. The County government has set up a trust fund to boost youth business ventures and harness the energy of young people around Embu to contribute to achieving development goals while enhancing their own lives. Establishment of youth funds is widely recognized as a powerful means of transforming the pace and nature of development and draws upon the inherent core values of self-help, stability and social cohesion.


The Trust Fund has been providing financial basis for the further design and implementation of the youth initiatives, which will ultimately involve thousands of young people supporting development activities countywide.


The Vision 2030 sees the Fund as a strategy of gainfully engaging our youth, majority of who are unemployed. The fund targets young people within the age bracket of 18 to 35 years whose total population is skyrocketing and forms the largest segment of our population. The Fund’s purpose is to create employment for the youth of Embu and provide youth entrepreneurs with capital for business startup and growth. The fund’s “Mission” is to increase economic opportunities for the youth of Embu through enterprise development and strategic partnerships. The fund’s “Vision” is to be a sustainable and growing fund, economically empowering Embu County youth



The fund concept is based on youth friendly approach where bottlenecks are minimized in order to achieve one common object “Empowering one youth at a time”. The Fund offers interest free loans with only a management fee of 5%. The key areas of funding ranges from:- Agribusiness, Motorcycle, Salons and car wash, Small retail businesses and cereal shops, Welding machines and charcoal, Music and theatre  and LPO financing. Direct financing is being applied in areas like salon equipments, motorcycles as well as car wash.

The County government is redoubling its efforts to ensure that matters affecting the youth are placed very high on the agenda for County development.


“The County government realize that their is need to enhance the capacity of our young women and young men to effectively participate in our nation’s development effort; we need to increase and improve their access to education; we need to make more capital available to them, to enable them embark on productive ventures; we need to invest in science and technology and the training of our young women and young men in appropriate skills.” H.E. Hon. Wambora said.