Agriculture and trade are important complementary activities in expanding opportunities for development and progress in our country. It is important to note that technology transformation is key in enhancing productivity and growth in the agricultural sector. Technology will drive agricultural and industrial development for enhanced county and national growth.

The government is keen in promoting competitive and commercial oriented agriculture through utilization of modern and efficient agricultural technologies. This is in line with the “Kenya Vision2030” whose aim is to transform Kenya into a newly industrialized, middle-income country in the next two decades. Agricultural development is key to this transformation since it is a precursor for industrial developments as most of the industries are agro-based. Therefore any technology that promotes agricultural and industrial development promotes trade and national growth.

It goes without saying that the Agricultural Sector in Kenya continues to play a very important role in the Economy. The sector is critical in generation of foreign exchange and directly contributes about 26% of the GDP and accounts for 65 % of total export earnings. The sector also employs about 80% of the rural population. The county government continues to support this critical sector of our economy. Of importance to note is the Embu coffee milling factory which will help mill all Embu County coffee and farmers will be offered better prices. This mill will be operational in the coming coffee season. Other flagship projects initiated and implemented by the county government include chilling milk to improve storability and marketing attributes. A total of 6 milk coolers have been installed by the County Government and are operational in major dairy keeping areas of this county and an another 8 in installed in cooperation with the National Government. Additionally, 2 major strategic grain stores have been constructed as food security mechanism to hold grain after harvest and wait for improved prices while at the same time serving the role of cushioning households against hunger.