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Embu County Host’s International Day For Poverty Eradication

International Day for Poverty Eradication. The poverty line is a threshold below which people are deemed poor. Statistics summarizing the bottom of the consumption distribution (i.e. those that fall below the poverty line) are therefore provided. In 2005/06, the poverty line was estimated at Ksh1,562 and Ksh2,913 per adult equivalent per month for rural and [...]

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Embu youth benefits from Embu Youth Fund

It is an inescapable fact that young people constitute the most socially active and energetic segment of the population in this country. Young people are endowed with energy, creativity and dynamism; and they are our society's most productive human resource with the greatest potential to contribute positively to County development.  But while acknowledging youth as the [...]

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Embu County hosts Leaders Summit

The meeting, which brought together politicians, bishops and business leaders among other representatives, was the first of its kind in Embu County since 2013. The meeting dubbed “Leaders Summit” was aimed at deliberating on ways of reaching a formal consensus on the unity of Embu County leaders. Devolution is at the heart of the new [...]

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