The Embu County Department of Public Service and Administration (CDPSA) is one of the ten (10) County departments created by the County Government of Embu drawing its functions and powers as stipulated in the 4th schedule of the Constitution of Kenya 2010. The Department is headed by a Member of the CEC who is accountable to the County Governor for the performance of the functions and exercise of his or her powers.

The CDPSA draws its mandate from Part VI, XI and XIII of County Government Act 2012 which articulates its functions. The Department monitors, evaluates and undertakes public administration practices and human resource management as far as recruitment, transfers, promotions and dismissals are concerned.

CDPSA focuses on the following key performance areas;

  1. Public service leadership and Human Resource Management
  2. Public administration and law enforcement
  3. Service delivery and quality assurance
  4. Professional ethics

The specific functions of the department include;

  1. Provision of effective Human Resource Management services;
  2. To establish decentralised public administration mechanisms that are accountable and responsive to people’s needs;
  3. Develop policies that encourage public participation in policy making
  4. Provision of law enforcement services;
  5. Provision of environmental management services;
  6. Provision of Public Communication and Information Technology services;
  7. Enhance efficient and effective utilization of public resources;
  8. Prudent management of official records.


A Champion of Excellence in County Public Service Administration


To provide transformative leadership to the County public service to ensure efficient and effective service delivery



Customer focus


Team work




At your Service


The CDPSA’s Strategic Plan 2016-2020 has been developed in cognizance of Kenya’s Vision 2030, the Constitution of Kenya and other legal and policy documents. The implementation of this Strategic Plan is based on stakeholder participation, good governance and a professional approach of managing public affairs.

The Strategic Plan projects a department that will be “A Champion of Excellence in County Public Service Administration”. Through an integrated implementation approach of short and long term strategies, CDPSA will establish itself as Strategic County Department for socio-economic empowerment of the people of Embu County by guaranteeing sustainable livelihoods through effective and efficient service delivery. The Department shall focus its resources towards ensuring a motivated workforce ready to serve in line with the aspirations of Embu County Government.

The CDSPA is composed of the following service units:

The Human Resource Management Unit, Enforcement Unit,

Administration Unit, Transport Unit, Solid waste management Unit, Records management Unit and The Public communication and Information Technology Unit.

  1. Human Resource Management and Public Administration

1.1    Achievements of CDPSA

The initial situational analysis established the following as the achievements of the CDPSA as per the established units in the department.

3.1.1 Human Resource Management Unit                                                       

  1. Establishment of the section and section’s organization Structure;
  2. Adoption of County Public Service Human Resource manual 2013;
  3. Recruitment and staffing of the following sections; Health, Economic Stimulus Program (ESP), Youth polytechnics, Early Childhood Department (ECD),Sub-counties, Wards, Deputy Director and Directors’ offices;
  4. Rationalization of wages for casual laborers to the minimum requirement from KES 250 to KES 484.30;
  5. Establishment of a task force on management of casual employees;
  6. Improved payroll administration thereby winning the SRC recognition;
  7. Enhanced tax remittance which led to recognition by KRA;
  8. Staff audit conducted;
  9. New employees (ward administrators, sub county administrators and deputy directors) inducted;
  10. Sound management of labour relations which led to reduced labour unrests;
  11. Set up Human Resource Advisory Committee.