Embu county governance has devised a master strategy to cap food shortage which has been a tragedy in the past decades. This involved plans like, educating farmers, issuing of the high quality planting seeds and offering after harvest services like quality storage for the produce. These plans are already initiated and being in their final stages this development plans are realistic. Since devolution in the year 2013 the county has made major moves to deal with the issue of food shortage which previously was mentioned as Kenya’s main challenge which may make vision 2030 just a mare common dream. Construction of green storage is a move to ensure that farmers are protected from being exploited from ruthless middlemen, who buy the grains from farmers at a cheap price during the harvest season, keep them and sell it at quit high prices after some time.

Through the department of agriculture the county has successfully completed a project in Bonzuki, Bonzuki grain storage house and another on progress grain store project at Siakago to complement the previously available Embu grain store. The stores are strategically set to ensure that the whole Embu County is covered in a convenient location to farmers. According to the agriculture Chief Officer Mr. Kathuri the store will start operating as soon as the full installation is completed. The project is nearly complete with the installation of electrical works at 80% to be completed. The store will of benefit to the farmers as it will assist to regulate the prices as the balance between demand and supply can be maintained. The store will also ensure steady supply of the grains in time of high demand and this can also be done at subsided prices rescuing farmers from exploitative private store keepers. This projects are set to complement the ongoing plans where farmers get issued with high quality planting seeds which are tested to make sure that they are suitable for each specific area of the county. The office of agriculture does not only issue the planting seeds to the farmers but also aimed at educating farmers by organizing seminars and education tours as a way of facing the challenge of food shortage in the Embu County. Despite the previous national similar plans like issuing of planting seeds and subsidized fertilizers to the citizens, devolution of the Government has brought with it some benefits which ensures success of the plans. For instance the devolved county government ensures that the plan is well initiated and the seeds are distributed fairly making it easy reach the common Mwananchi and ensuring that it is a corruption free process. Embu County achievement to avert food shortage also be a national achievement as it is a brighter move to realizing millennium goals vision 2030. With time the Embu County will also be in a position to produce surplus grains which may distributed to other counties which faces adverse climatic conditions not suitable for grain farming like Turkan County.