As part of the initiative by the Embu County Government to elevate the state of infrastructure in Embu County, a master plan is underway to elevate the Embu Airstrip at Don Bosco into a modern day airport in line with the county vision 2030 urbanization plan which will see Embu Town achieve a city status by the year 2030

The Embu Airstrip is a small civilian airstrip situated approximately 10 minutes South East of Embu’s central business district in the outskirts of the town in Don Bosco along the Embu-Kiritiri Highway. The airstrip is yet to achieve a commercial status as it only has a single asphalt runway that measures 0.99 km in length. The airstrip only serves light aircrafts due its limited runway space as well as facilities.

In the Shs 200 million urbanization project which is funded by the Embu County Government, the Kenya Municipal Programme and the World Bank, the airstrip will be upgraded by adding a second runway as well as expanding the first one. This is in a move to woe commercial flights to Embu County which is already an agricultural and business center.

In line with the project, the county government is said to be in partnership with other foreign investors in the same. The airstrip will also be connected with feeder roads and the Mutunduri-Embu-Don Bosco road will be upgraded from the single carriageway it is today to a dual carriageway for ease of transport.

The project seeks to enhance the use of the airstrip from just a civilian airstrip to a commercial airstrip, as well as making the airstrip more secure so as to accommodate commercial use of the airstrip. In line with rehabilitating and securing the airstrip, the county government aims at fencing the airstrip, maintaining the runway, creating facilities that will be able to cater for scheduled flights and passengers from all parts of the country.

With the completion of the project, the county seeks to benefit more so in its business, agricultural and tourism sectors. The airstrip will open new doors for the county, creating new job opportunities as well as providing fast and reliable means of transport for people, goods and services. The airstrip upon completion will also aid in helping Embu achieve the much anticipated city status by the year 2030.

As a way of ensuring that the project goes on without a hitch, the county government is calling upon investors not to erect high buildings around the airstrip or the Don Bosco area. The county government has expressed its determination in seeing the project through with the Governor of Embu County Hon. Martin Wambora insisting that the county government would rely on the private public partnership concept for funds to push the project forward, rather than solely relying on funds from the National Government. Already, several international investors have pledged their partnership with the county government towards the same project.